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Government of New Brunswick

The government of New Brunswick delivers services to businesses and the general public in fields such as social assistance, housing, childcare, education, and health. The main decision-making authority is the legislative assembly which has 49 members, representing individual constituencies.

Legislative Assembly and Committees

The Assembly appoints legislative committees which are established to deal with technical or more complex matters. They are smaller in size than the assembly which enables members to discuss issues in more details. The committees often hold discussions on behalf of the legislature when it comes to more detailed investigations or studies, bills, or consulting the general public.

There are standing and select committees, examples of the latter being the Committee on Legislative Reform and Committee on Public Universities. They are appointed to deliberate on particular inquiries, tasks, or matters.


Social Assistance Program

Social Development offers services to persons with low incomes to help them with basic needs such as clothing, utilities, rent, and food. To apply, residents are asked to provide information such as assets, income, social insurance number, and Medicare number.

Disability Support Program

The government also runs a disability support program to offer assistance to persons with impairments, except for those with disabilities resulting from gambling, nicotine, alcohol, and drug addictions. The types of supports offered under the program include transportation, personal assistance and supports, respite, home support workers, residential facility services, and personal living skills training.

Emergency Social Services

Social workers in New Brunswick are tasked with arranging for financial support, referrals to regional offices, crisis counseling, and assessments.

Services to Senior Citizens

The government offers services and programs such as the Low-Income Seniors’ Benefit and Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors and medical and ambulance services. Medical services for seniors include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, therapeutic services, and diagnostics.

Addiction Services

Addiction services regional offices are tasked with activities that assist individuals with addictions such as gambling, drugs, and alcohol. They offer treatment and prevention services such as long-term and short-term residential, outpatient counselling, and detoxification. These services are available to residents from all age groups but in some areas, educational programs specifically target senior citizens.

Extra-Mural Program

This program is designed to offer a variety of healthcare services to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and to provide palliative care. Professionals that offer care services under the program include:

  • Rehabilitation assistants
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Social workers
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Registered nurses
  • Registered dieticians

Services for Businesses

The government provides a number of services to assist businesses, including incentives and programs such as Agriculture an Aquaculture Industry Programs, Research and Development Tax Credit, and Small Business Investor Tax Credit. Scientific Research and Experimental Development incentives are available for basic and applied research, experimental development, and support work. The latter includes testing, data collection, computer programming, mathematical analysis, operational research, design, and engineering, as well as psychological research. Experimental development refers to technological innovations that aim to improve or develop new processes, products, devices, and materials. Eligible expenses include capital and current expenditures such as overhead costs, equipment, materials, and salaries and wages. The New Brunswick’s Research and Development Tax Credit covers eligible expenditures as specified under the Income Tax Act.

Government of New Brunswick
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