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Efficiency NB has developed a series of presentations and videos full of information, diagrams and definitions designed to help you maximize your home comfort and energy efficiency.

Help! My basement has a persistent musty smell! What can I do?

Basement Humidity 252.9KB

Is there such a thing as an energy efficient portable electric space heater?

Energy Efficient Space Heaters 45.8KB

The best ‘bang for your buck’ upgrades for energy efficiency

The top five best bang for your buck upgrades.pdf 379.9KB

Insulating Your Basement

Basement Insulation 282.1KB

Introduction to Home Heating

Introduction to Home Heating Systems.pdf 539.7KB

Heat Pump 101

Heating with a heat pump 139.1KB

Heat Pumps and Electric Resistance Heating Systems

Heat Pumps and Electric Resistance Heating Systmes.pdf 331.0KB

Heating with Oil and Gas

Heating with Oil and Gas.pdf 641.8KB

Building Materials Overview

Building Materials Overview.pdf 1.0MB

Solar Hot Water Heating

An Introduction to Solar Hot Water Systems.pdf 624.9KB

Drain Water Heat Recovery

Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems.pdf 398.8KB

Building your Energy Efficient New Home or Apartment Building

Building your Energy Efficient New Home or Apartment Building.pdf 639.1KB

View short videos from our two Rogers TV Series.



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