Advice and financial incentives to

become more energy efficient

Action Car and Truck

A Prescriptive Path Success Story

When John Chamberlaine of Action Car and Truck Accessories set out to build a high performance building he began working with Chris Stevens of Controls and Equipment who recognized the project would be a great fit for Efficiency NB’s Start Smart New Commercial Buildings Incentive Program. The program provides guidance and financial incentives of up to $60,000 to offset the costs associated with designing sustainable high efficiency commercial buildings.

The new Action Car and Truck building is home to sales, distribution and management operations in Moncton, which includes the manufacturing of truck caps and accessories as well as sales and installation of a vast product line of car, truck, van and SUV accessories. 

The building design team comprised of Controls & Equipment (C&E), Anderson Architect Ltd., JL MacLeod and Associates Inc., M.A. LeBlanc & Assoc. Ltd. and Newco Construction, worked with Chamberlaine to fulfill the opportunity to build a more sustainable building that would cost less to operate. “We are pleased to do our part in conserving energy and also pleased to be able provide an environment that is more comfortable for our customers and employees,” he says.

As part of an integrated design approach, the team worked in consultation with Efficiency NB in designing a well-functioning interior work space and energy efficient building which would properly suit the location and meet the needs of its occupants.

The building has high levels of insulation in the walls and roof, high performance windows, as well as energy efficient lighting, and high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. The automated, high-efficiency lighting system includes occupancy sensors and allows for scheduling based on occupancy, so lights are only on when necessary.  The lighting controls are integrated into the building access and security system, which allows for additional lighting shutdown so, when the security system is activated the lights will also be turned off.

Special attention was given to the selection and sizing of equipment for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system to ensure it meets, but does not exceed, the building’s requirements; and it is equipped with controls that allow for occupancy-based scheduling.  More efficiency is accomplished with heat recovery - taking waste heat from the air compressor and other areas of the building when available to heat the warehouse – and night venting, which also provides free cooling when available.

Equipment and control systems were tested to ensure that they operate as intended. John received training to fully understand how the building is operating and how to make timely adjustments based on energy usage.  A building automation system (BAS) monitors and provides a breakdown of the energy used in three different areas: the office/retail space, the fit up bays and the warehouse. The total energy used will be calculated in each area to provide for accurate budgeting and building usage expenses.

The building complied with the Efficiency NB Core Performance Guide, which is designed to achieve significant, predictable energy savings in new commercial buildings.  The Guide provides a prescriptive approach with proven measures that are applicable to small and medium buildings in order to help design and construct an energy efficient building.

The new Action Car and Truck facility is now one of Moncton’s newest high performance commercial buildings thanks to Chamberlaine’s commitment to energy efficiency and the collaborative work of the design team, contractors and the staff at Efficiency NB.  The new building and comfortable environment are having a huge impact on sales, attracting a new and broader clientele and making it easier to recruit new staff. Action Car and Truck staff can also conduct business more efficiently with their new distribution centre and meeting rooms. The success of this project will help Chamberlaine carry forward this experience and work toward possible expansion of the current building and improving the performance of the company’s other properties in the future. 





Design and construct a well-functioning interior work space and energy efficient building, which would properly suit the location and meet the needs of its occupants.


Design and build the facility accounting for the

unique needs and operational requirements of the three, distinct business units.


Incentives based on compliance with Design Process Strategies and Core Performance Requirements of the Core Performance Guide, Efficiency NB Edition and area of conditioned space within building - $60,000


Advanced building automation system associated with lighting and mechanical controls allow for lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment to power on and off based on the needs and activity of occupants

Efficient and well- designed HVAC system

minimizes energy consumption and

maximizes occupant comfort

High levels of insulation in the walls and roof, high performance windows and energy efficient lighting

Heat recovery and usage of waste heat plus night venting providing free cooling, when appropriate

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